Monday, August 06, 2012

Travel away to India with your fashion

I've been finding brands that I have fallen in LOVE with recently and had to share some of my brands and sites that take me away to the country I love, India.

Nor Black Nor White
This video is amazing...I love to see how items are created.  They make Indian prints remixed with new designs.  I want it all and I'm trying to find where I can get the items online.  They have been recognized by so many magazines.  They have the best instagram and blog!  Check it out and get ready to be inspired!

International Princess Project selling Punjammies
This is a great company that keeps girls and women from being placed into sex slavery.  It's so scary that this still happens today.

Give back with fashion

Give back with fashion by fashionalities on Polyvore

Inspired by India, a line called Roberta Roller Rabbit a an off shoot of Roberta Freyman's label.  She designs everything from a tunic and kurta to a proper Indian pajamas.  I love all of the fab prints! 

Indian Style

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