Sunday, August 26, 2012

More homemade beauty tricks to try

I'm clearing out like I said and finding great tips I have to share:)  Here are a few I'm trying ASAP!

My feet are SUPER swollen since I'm almost due and I just read an old In Style mag tip I'll be trying tonight:
Soak achy feet in warm water and sea salt for 10 min, then in cold water for 10 min.  The foot bath eases soreness and reduces SWELLING!

Eyes: Soak cotton balls in water, then leave them in the freezer until icy.  Lie down with them over closed eyes for 10 min to deflate puffiness.

Great tips on when to shop:

January: Fall merchandise usually goes on clearance, and you'll find great buys on home goods, from linens to furniture.

February: Take advantage of Valentine's Day promotional deals on jewelry and gift items.

April: Spring fashions begin the markdown cycle.

May: Look for deals on athletic clothing and shoes.

June and July: Find sales and promo's on summer items through July, when they go on clearance.  Father's Day promo's mean good offerings for men, so stock up on holiday gifts for them.

September and October: Find deals on cold-weather items, like coats, gloves, and scarves.

November: Many after-Thanksgiving sales and deals are set and advertised before the holiday, so you can often shop early and beat the crowds.

December: Fall merchandise goes on sale.

Tips for when to shop from People Style Watch Mag:

The Best days of the week are:
Wednesday for jewelry
Thursday for Clothes

The Best Month is August

Fun note I must have taken from a mag:
Other options for Turkish towels (which I'm addicted to): Double as wraps, warm weather blankets, living room throws.  Still have to try these:)

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