Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You nailed it, summer polishes for easy at home application

It's summertime and there seems to be so many nail polish options to choose from.  Besides all of the designs we see out there like what Refinery 29 shared recently on some of the best nail designs in LA.  There are also just great colors to choose from (if you are like me and don't have time to always go out and get a mani or do a DIY design at home:).  Here are a few I've been testing out.  Plus, don't miss out on the twitter/instagram fun with MSN Living and share your nail fun!  Use hashtag, #nailaday and tweet message to @MSNLiving. Have fun with your nails this summer!

Dermelect Nail Polish:

My friends at Dermelect sent me their NEW Dermelect 'ME' Anti-Aging Nail Laquers ($14) and not only do I LOVE the colors.  But, as a new mom who washes my hands constantly I love that they lasted for more than 2 days!  The nail polish also helps promote nail growth...which I really don't need right now since I'm taking prenatals like crazy...but, it's still always good to know:)  My favorite color in the collection was the tangerine that just looks amazing with a tan!
Plus, as many know, I am preggers and really try and focus on using the right type of nail polishes while I am preggers.  This brand has a green formula/3 free – so it doesn’t have DBP, Toulene & Formaldehyde in it, which are the most dangerous ingredients in regular polishes.  

essie nail nail polish:

I received this polish from Klout and have always LOVED essie nail polishes.  I love that they are available everywhere now!  The recent color I REALLY want is Pennytalk.  But, Klout sent me Off the Shoulder  ($8) which is a cute summer color that is like a bubble gum pink.  You can't go wrong with this color.

Zoya Blogger Collection by Birchbox:

I was lucky enough to win this collection from a twitter contest and always love to see how bloggers are getting involved in all parts of the fashion/beauty business.  Birchbox is selling this collection exclusively ($22 for all 3!).   Birchbox and Zoya teamed up to find 3 bloggers, Coraline of Eleventh Gorgeous, Kate of The Small Things and Belle of Capitol Hill Style.  Each blogger create a mood board with all of their favorite spring/summer colors and then Birchbox asked their Facebook fans to pick the top 3 boards.  What a fun way to come up with the summer colors we are wearing now!  

Sally Hansen Nail Polish:

I am apart of Influenster and was excited when they sent me a new nail polish by Sally Hansen called, Magnetic that I had heard about recently on Hello Style (on youtube).  Great tips for how to use the really great nail polish here...I needed a little help with getting the magnetic cap off:)  
Keeping it real: On the left hand only my thumb turned out right...note: you have to use the magnet after each second coat on each fingers.  The right hand turned out ok...I kept accidentally smudging the nail polish with the magnet.  Better luck next time.  But, it's a really cool concept.

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I've always wanted to try the Zoya polish. <3