Friday, February 03, 2012

Make your Wardrobe more Interesting through Indie Clothing

*This is a sponsored post for a brand, Sway Chic I just learned about that has styles you are going to love and prices you can't beat!  I'd say the styling is like Forever 21 meets Free People.  I thought this was a brand to get on your radar! Hope you enjoy!

Sway Chic

One of the most effective means to make yourself unique and put on show the real you is through your wardrobe. By wearing unique clothes, you will set yourself apart from the masses. If you do your shopping for clothes at department stores or the popular brand name shops, you’re likely to buy what everyone else around you is also buying. As such, you will be wearing the type of clothing that is common to most people. On the other hand, if you step into the cute dresses scene, you’ll be buying shirts that are one of a kind and there’s one in a million chance that you will be meeting someone else wearing the same shirt. Every time we dress differently, we get compliments and it pleases us that other people find our outfit flattering. But how do you achieve the look that will set you apart from the majority and draw other people’s attention towards you? If you can implement the following steps when shopping for cheap indie clothing, then nothing could possibly go wrong. Make sure that the tee-shirt you pick out has a unique design. Wearing a witty or funny shirt can be helpful if you don’t want to be identified with the majority. It’s also a sophisticated means to reveal some aspects of your personality. On top of this, go for a shirt that’s exquisitely designed. Try to avoid getting something with excessive or overwhelming prints like somebody carelessly sprayed paint all over it. Indie fashion essentially adheres more to designs that are simple and straightforward.

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pntszdinFluence said...

Great shop. Cute pieces and affordable prices, I love it. Thanks for sharing!