Thursday, December 01, 2011

The perfect holiday shoe

Now I know during the holidays you are wearing all of your best.  Which means all of your high heels and your feet are starting to hurt.  So, when I found out about this shoe I knew it would be perfect for the holidays.  It's called, Rollasole and it does basically that.  You can roll the shoe into your purse and carry it with you wherever and be able to use it when those heels start to hurt.  Or like me, when you are traveling nonstop and need some comfy shoes while you are on the plane.
Even cooler, these shoes will soon be sold at vending machines!!!  How genius!  First in LA and then LV...hoping they start having these vending machines at airports too.  Plus, they are ONLY $20 so they don't break the bank.

I'm excited to share that Rollasole is offering a discount for my readers of 10% off for the next two weeks!  This is such a perfect stocking stuffer!  Use promo code: Fashionalities.

And, to make it a little fun, I have 3 giveaway opportunities.  2 for followers on twitter who follow Fashionalities and Rollasole and one give away to blog readers.  Blog readers, please leave a comment with your email and comment about who you will give these to or how you will use them by next Friday, December 9th and like Rollasole on facebook and leave a comment about the giveaway.  And, while you're there, why not like Fashionalities too:)  Good luck!

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