Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Twilight Style & more...

The main thing that caught my attention fashion wise in Breaking Dawn Part 1 was the luggage that Bell carried on her honeymoon.  I found out it was by Bric's and it was all over.  It's on my list for future purchases:)
I'm also looking into who Bell's wedding shoe was by and a few of the attendees at the wedding had great dresses I have to look into.  Once I find out who they are all by, I will share:)  Have you seen the movie?  What fashions stood out to you?

Bric's luggage a la Twilight

Bric s hat, $360
Bric's Life - Holdall Rolling Duffle, $605
Bric's Life - Micro-Suede Trolley with Spinners, $396
Forest Glade Fine Art Print, £20

This performance was just amazing...I had to share:

I've had this song on repeat since yesterday.  I actually like the performace over the actual song on iTunes.  

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