Monday, November 07, 2011

My must-have for this fall: The fedora, inspired by the Kardashian sister's

Last year, I was ADDICTED to Kourtney Kardashian's Gucci hat on Kourtney and Kim take New York.  I had looked all over and couldn't find anything that really fit the look for me...but, this year that's all changed!  There are so many cute options.  Plus, I spotted another cute fedora that Kim wore this year that I liked and saw on Fashion Police.  These can be worn with everything and are perfect for fall weather!  I know that their stylists, Monica Rose must have helped them with these, I'm still watching her blog for updates on where Kim's hat is from...but, until then...these are all "inspired by" finds.  Where are you shopping for yours?  What are you rocking your hats with this fall?

Just so chic!
Here are Kourtney hat options (high/low):

Catarzi for Asos, $34.14, I LOVE the styling here!  Great inspiration for how to rock any of these hats!

By Malene Birger, Houetta Fedora $140.
Black Poppy, $19.50

Only $14.95 at Target!  How can you say no?

Nine West, $21.99

I'm not loving the rest of Kim's look (excluding the Hermes bag of course:)  I love how the bands make a statement on these hats!

Rag & Bone, $150 I LOVE the color!

Club Monaco, $109, this just screams boho to me!

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Naja Diamond said...

I am loving the fedora hats as well! Can't wait for the new hat line to hit Target!