Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trend alert: Sweaters with balls

Via Man Repeller's instagram-Not sure who her sweater is by...
I keep seeing this sweater EVERYWHERE!  First, I saw a version of this sweater on the owner of Avenue Boutique in Tucson, AZ where I bought my James Jeans...I just thought it was cute and maybe vintage and went on my way.  Then, I found a similar style on Old Navy and got excited...and then, spotted another version of the style by Juicy Couture...Finally, I was searching through my past pics on my phone and came across a copy of what the Man Repeller had shared on her instagram and felt the need to share this sweater with everyone:)  I'm planning on getting the Old Navy version while in Portland to get the non-taxed version and maybe even a discount:)  We shall see.  I will also share how I style it...I already have ideas:)

Old Navy version, $40 (also comes in a variety of colors...I want this color or gray.)

By Juicy Couture for $178, I also like it in the rose color:)       

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