Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Winter Kate Item for Less at A Pea in the Pod-Believe this!:)

New version sold at Bloomingdales, Norstrom, My-Wardrobe and more!
A Pea in the Pod version

So, since I am preggers I have been shopping for maternity clothing and had to buy something by Nicole Richie at A Pea in the Pod. I ended up buying a silk jacket on Sale for only $38.99 and my jaw dropped when I was at Nordstroms the other day and saw that Nicole's new line, Winter Kate has the same exact jacket!!!! At Nord's it's $124 and on My-Wardrobe it is $222!!!!!!! I just can't believe it! It is very cute and I love that I will be able to use the look after the pregnancy is over...but, with the price so low at A Pea in the Pod I had to share...and just FYI...my sis who is a size 2 and not preggers has worn the jacket:)