Friday, June 06, 2014

Make food time even more fun + fashionable with Oh Joy! from Target

I just noticed on the @targetstyle IG account that (eeek!) there is a new Oh Joy! Collection at Target!!!!!!!  I'm sooo excited and sending pieces to India as we speak:)  We will be hosting a TON out here and these sweet pieces will be perfecto for our Rao soiree spectaculars we have at the House of Rao:)  Stay tuned for pics from the parties...until then, this is what I'm snatching up ASAP:)

These are perfect for India!  Have to have!:)

We use a water distiller at home so this would make drinking our water a little more fun:)

Need I say more?  Fab-u-lous!!!!!:)
What are you LOVING from the collection?

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