Saturday, March 22, 2014

Watch out mumu the Turkish towel dress is my new go to piece for poolside getaways

***Sorry, I had to share this immediately tonight in my hotel room:)

Ok, I'm addicted to turkish towels!!!  I have turkish towels and use as a towel, love for drying my curly hair, use it as a beach towel and blanket:). Still working on using it as a scarf or wrap:). But, I make sure I use my towel in all ways:). 

Recently, I found out that there was such thing as a hooded Turkish robe and jumped on that for India.  Perfect for drying quickly and not getting too hot in warm climates like India:)

But, today in San Diego when I decided to check out this surfer shop (Island Surf, 619-435-1527) I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this Turkish towel dress!  Pure brilliance!  It's by a company called, Primitive.  I loved the style with pockets...but, there is also one without.  This just seems like a fun summer dress, resort wear or pool side cover-up:). I'll be using it for everything!:)

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