Friday, February 07, 2014

The 2 reasons I had to get the March issue of COSMO

I have to be honest...I never get COSMO mag...even when I've read everything else...tonight, I was waiting for the pharmacist to get my meds and I decided to just skim the cover and saw this:  15 EASY WAYS TO SCORE AN EXTRA $2,000  Check out my IG account for my fave ideas!  I figured I'm waiting...why not check this out:)  Started scanning and BAM!!!  I see Solange Knowles and it's over.  There is no reason I can say no to buying this issue...and why isn't she on the COVER!?  One of the girls from Pretty Little Liars is on the cover and I honestly can't be mad at that because I do indulge in that show as well:)

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Maggie Adofo said...

Solange's style makes me swoon! <3 and I'm definitely going to look for that article because I can totally use that 2k <3 Thanks for sharing this.

Maggie A