Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another reason I LOVE Bib and Tuck!!

My Dupatta

Ok, I love selling my clothes to places like Buffalo Exchange...but, there is something about just going FREE like a clothing swap online and that is where Bib and Tuck comes in!  They now have an app which makes it even more amazing:)  In January, the ladies of B+T sent me a $25 gift card along with some other goodies and I started searching for the perfect item to choose:)  I already have a ton of items I'm watching for when I have more up to trade:)  But, I ended up deciding on getting a, I just saw the scarf was cute (had pom poms, which I LOVE:) and that it only cost $18 (in trade that is:)!  After buying it, I decided to look up the actual price and my jaw dropped when I saw that this originally cost $193 and was selling on ebay for a little over $150!  What a SCORE!  I got it today and can't wait to rock it!  Plus, Bib and Tuck is having a promo where you share how you style what you've tucked on their site and can get a $10 gift card if they share!  #tuckandtell

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