Sunday, April 14, 2013

Woolite Clothing Swap

I work on Crowdtap and was given the opportunity to have a Clothing Swap with a twist for Woolite sharing that Woolite helps to keep your second hand goods as good as new.  I've always been all about buying second hand from thrift stores and clothing swaps and Woolite is a really great way to keep my precious vintage items safe.

I was excited to give away samples of Woolite and coupons as a fun take away for my clothing swap.  I think this would a be a fun thing to give to friends for my next clothing swap.


How the rack started off...

The table set, the Woolite samples and fashion magazines galore.

The girls checking out the clothes and seeing what they want:)

Striking a pose:)

A total look was made by one of my fashionista friends with clothing swap finds.  I LOVE!

Looking to the mags for inspiration.

Woolite samples and all of the goodies swapped!

Fun times!



Lauren said...

Yay so much fun!!

frencht said...

Love the dishes!!!!Looks like fun!!!

frencht said...

love the dishes!!!!looks like it was fun!!!