Saturday, April 06, 2013

The apps I've used to lose the baby weight

Runkeeper-it's a great way to track how fast your run a mile, how many days a week you run, how many calories you burn and more. Plus, it feels great to share my running accomplishments when I keep up on my runs each week. It's also great because it is compatible with the next app, GymPact.

GymPact-make money for working out/running! I make around $1.20 a week running at least 4 times a week using the $5 they let you start with. If I added more money I could really make some cash...just need the guts to put down $100!!:)

Fooducate-just learned about this app and I'm in love! You enter how much you weigh, your goal weight and then let it help you choose the healthy items at the grocery store! Amazing!!!
You can enter your food diary by scanning what you eat or entering manually and also enter your workouts to see what is working for your results.

What apps do you use to help you stay healthy/lose weight?

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