Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just learned what Canadian Tuxedo means...

Wearing denim on denim. Which has been a strong trend for a few years now. Here are some fun new ways to try wearing the trend and a new way to refer to it:)

Update: I started working on this a while ago because my hubby had told me about the new term...apparently my fave bloggers, Honestly WTF were n'sync with moi and posted the same thing today with some great ideas. Thought I would finish up my post ('s harder with 3 kids to take care of:) and give some other ideas I found. Hope you find inspiration from both!

Let's bring back the denim skirt...ready, set, go:)

It's all about using two different colors of denim...dark/light...and I love the mochila bag plus the heels...will be doing this...Plus, notice the rolled cuff on the jeans...kinda goes back to the  P.S. you can get a mochila like this one from Flechada.

DIY idea on the the oversized denim shirt.  And the shoes are to DIE!

I love the new silhouette for the denim top here.  And then this is more like a suit, matchy matchy version of the trend.  Thoughts?

Once again, the denims here are a little more similar here.  I LOVE the use of the ivory blazer to break it up and add a little funk.

J. Crew can do no wrong...I think I saw the denim layering there first actually....keep watching their catalogs for more brilliant inspiration for how to wear this fun pair of denim on denim!

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