Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Valentino DIY ideas

So, I'm not giving up on making or finding a great version of the studded Valentino flats/kitten heels I'm in love with. Here are a few options I've come up with.

What I dream of:)

The look-a-like by Jeffrey Campbell, called Bad Alice for $135!

This is the best "similar" look I've found! So exciting!!

I feel like you could use either of these shoes and easily add studs (which are so easy to apply!!) and you're done! So worth trying! Good luck!

Btw-sorry-the top shoe is: ASOS SERRAN Cage Kitten Heel

Thanks to my friend Bebe at Peace Love Glamour for helping me on this search!! Xoxox
Her blog is so inspirational, check it out!

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Desert Flower said...

I just bought the kitten heel version in beige with nude straps. I'll show you at the next swap!!