Friday, May 06, 2011

Jelly will always be in: What I want now: FURLA jelly handbags

They are at Dillards (Supposed to be...but, can't find on site yet...) or FURLA site (only 3 colors available) and sadly costs around $195...which I don't think I would spend on a trendy item like this...but, I will wait till it goes on sale:)  Until then...I'm thinking I want the pink, yellow or green...we shall see what is available:)
I've always LOVED jelly shoes regardless if they were in or, I think this would be a fun summer staple for me once I get it...if I do:)

BTW: I spotted this amazing find on my email from Stacey Bendet for alice + olivia called, 4am finds.  I would sign up.  She always shares a collage of interesting items that always catch my eye!

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