Thursday, August 19, 2010

KMart is helping me get my skinny cargo must-have for this fall

I've been LIVING for the skinny cargo trend since this past much that I took in some pics from a magazine to a tailor and had my basic, maternity cargo's transformed into something I would actually rock.  So, of course I was already thinking where I would purchase my normal skinny cargo's for after the birth of my little bundle of joy and that is where KMart comes in!  Great price and just on point with the styling.

Plus, while you are getting excited about your fall wardrobe...try your chance at KMart Design's $100 giveaway!  It's a lot of fun just check it out for more information here.

I AM OBSESSED!  Cargo Craze:

Here are the KMart cargo's that will be available around September 1st:

Here is some of the styling from this past spring that made me have to have this style cargo:)


broke in the OC said...

at kmart??? wow... i haven't been there in a while but i might go in this week to find those cargo pants! nice!

silviasiantar said...

hey i love this post.

loving your blog too and followed you.