Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pregnant Pause: Maternity wear a' la Ashlee Simpson and Angelina Jolie

Since being preggers, I have explored the many ways to purchase new clothes for my baby bump body.  I have shopped at maternity stores and sections in stores specializing in maternity, second-hand maternity stores, thrift stores, and, I've just purchased larger sizes.
I was excited when Nuka Maternity offered me the chance to check out their maternity line.  I chose a maxi dress and a maxi skirt, because who can go wrong with those items?  Unfortunately, they sold out of the maxi skirt---which I can see happening...I still really want one (I might have to just buy one ASAP--there's still 2 months to go with my pregnancy:)  The other cool thing about the maxi skirt is it can be worn as a tube dress or a skirt!  So, they sent me a tee, which I have to say I LOVE!  It reminds me of the style I saw recently in an Intermix email blast...which made me excited...I figure it might be tight now...but, it will be just as cute loose later.  I am all about making sure I can reuse what I have now regardless:)
The maxi dress is DIVINE!  The color, the feel of the fabric and the point that I know I could still wear this after the pregnancy!
This company gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up from me!  They've got the style and the quality to back them up!  It's not like the normal maternity wear that makes you want to gag yourself!:)

The inspiration:

I always have seen Ashlee Simpson's pregnancy style as rocker the first thing I thought when I saw the tee was to match it with a maxi skirt some flat studded sandals and lots of bangles or a long, layered necklace.  And, you can't miss the shades:)

Then, there is Angelina Jolie who was always seen wearing her maxi dresses while preggers.  I think they are the go to item while pregnant.  They are comfy and still stylish.  And, it's a no nonsense styling item.

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Jenny said...

I'm going to experiment with making some maternity clothes out of thrift store finds. (for pregger friends, not me!!)