Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's a furry situation...what's your take on faux fur vests??

Well, like leggings, which took me a while to catch on, I am jumping on the faux fur vest train. Wondering if you will too and if you will look for budget friendly, or extremely expensive...to the point where you pay almost as much as you would on a real fur vest? My sister who isn't very fashionably inclined laughed when I asked her if she would wear a faux fur vest this season and she said if she EVER did it would be real, what's the point (which she will do neither in case anyone has a problem with it:)...enough said...so, I was curious how people are reacting to the faux fur vest...not only are people relating it to the movie, "Where the Wild Things Are." Have you seen the fashion comparisons people have done?? They are genius, but WOW it shows what people can do to market fashion if they come up with it:) Faux all of a sudden is "in" and even though all of the shots below are paired with jeans, Rachel Zoe had said she would pair the faux fur vest with an evening look and I have seen and will style mine with chiffon blouses and straight jeans or chiffon dresses.

How it looks on, me in the dressing room:
The one I got:) New York & Company


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The ones I saw in store were better…but, this is an example from Forever 21


From Shop Bop for 294.00

Or you can skip buying one and just make one like my new fave professional style DIYer, p.s. i made this shares! Even though I bought one at New York & Company, I am still going to make one...this version looks a little more elegant and the other (NY&CO) is more casual. Have fun!


alexkeller said...

i wasn't sure about the fur vest either. but i found an Andrew Marc real fur vest at the thrift store for $8. that works for me! the women at the store were laughing at me, but so what? they probably don't know who Rachel Zoe is!

style, substance & sutton said...

i love the vests... have you seen the ones from 3.1 philip lim? amazing!


Dominique Jackson said...

When I did that fashion show/promotional event for TJ Maxx at Pier 39 in SF the stylist pulled a fur vest for me during our fitting. I wasn't crazy about it because it seemed quite bulky and I wasn't crazy about the faux part either. Anyhow the stylist LOVED the vest and said it was very on trend.

Anonymous said...

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