Monday, October 05, 2009

2 For 1 DIY: Ring Genius

I have the most genius gift idea for this holiday season that you will not believe how easy it is! My mother shared this project with me a couple of months ago and I couldn't believe it and everyone who has gushed over my rings still can't believe we made these statement rings! It also helps that costume cocktail rings are in right now. For this project, all you need are:
-vintage clip on earrings
-E-6000 glue
-Plastic Bowl
What to do:
Do this outside because the E-6000 is really strong.  Remove the back off the clip-on earrings.  Use the E-6000 to apply the earring to the ring w/pad. Poor the rice into the bowl.   Place the ring right side up in the bowl and leave outside in the sun for 12 hours.  
Voila it's perfection!  


fabulous finds said...

i was just perusing your blog (love it...btw!) and came across this diy project...i am by no means a jewelry maker...but i seriously think that even "i" can do this questions...
where do i pick up ring pads & the e-6000 glue?
thanks for a fabulous idea for christmas gifts to all my fashionable friends...
elena d

Anonymous said...