Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Edgy Accessories...How to Make Basics Stand Out

All you need to make a basic, maybe even "boring" look pop is to invest or even just purchase fun inexpensive accessories.  
Always Chic---Oversized Sunglasses
Not everyone can carry this style off, but when you can, you better work!  This is the signature for any diva...finding a pair of oversized sunglasses that will make a statement all its own...I remember when I had bought a pair of Chanel sunglasses about 5 years ago that everyone said looked like I was bring back the 80's glasses and then came the HUGE Dior's everyone wore and then the 80's really came back with Ray Ban's...I guess people were speaking too soon when they had something to say about my sassy shades:)
This is a funky trend that has come and gone sine I was a kid...I used to have one when I was in middle school...I think I made it by myself out of a pair of old jeans...then, in high school I search near and far for the dream denim (knock-off) Kelly Bag, which I never are some cute styles you can get today.  *The focus is to ensure that the piece doesn't look cheesy or like you made it at home:)
My focus right now is finding my signature gold bangles (real 24kt) to wear everyday...I am still searching for just the right look...but, here are a couple that caught my eye.  
Who doesn't need a classic tennis bracelet in their jewelry box?
The bangle with a little diamond edge to make it more sophisticated.  
I LOVE these trendy pieces by CC Skye that the celebs are devouring! 
Slither into the sexy snake trend with a gold design on your arm.  That's away to start a conversation.  

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