Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The True Transformers

To be quite frank, the movie Transformers didn't move me at all...but, as a BIG fan of shoes, there are two styles of shows out right now that transform even better than those little toys do and you don't have to worry about them yelling out their names, because they make a statement just by looking at them:)

Camielon Heels, featured in New York Magazine...can change from high heel to a low heel in need to stress over too high of a heel and if your feet give out on you by the end of the night, just flip the heel:) This style is very Chanel-inspired...the prices are kind of high though...but, great invention.

Next, a pair of sandals that can change from basic to bling. Oprah loves it, enough said:) Jour & Nuit, for $350, yes...a bit much, but it is 2 in one...

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