Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ECO Trendy

Toyota Prius

Honda Civic Hybrid

$22, 600

Cosmetics: All-natural cosmetics from Josie Maran Cosmetics

Organic Cleansing items from Pangea Organics-these are so natural, you could plant the product and grow natural is that!?

Natural Fiber Clothing: Cottons and Linens are the top picks for fashion right now. Companies like Diesel are campaigning to support the need to help with Global Warming. Companies like H&M and Target are jumping into the trend so that there is an easy access to the trend that benefits our planet.

H&M Tee

Organic Designer Jeans from Loomstate

Eating Organic:

Finding fruits and vegetables is much easier than it used to can find items at any nearby grocery store like Safeway and Albertson's or any specialty grocer like Wild Oats and Trader Joe's.
Or just recycle...recycle paper, plastic, and whatever else you can around the house...or reselling clothes at places like Buffalo Exchange or revamping your clothes when you are bored with what you have...go to isaac's STYLE BOOK and look under Revamp for more ideas; or go to Jane Magazine or Teen Vogue for more D.I.Y. projects with your clothes.

There are people out there that are not happy that Organics have gone mainstream, but I say that this is a good change in the fashion world to help our planet. We need to still support the smaller businesses that were doing this before it was trendy...but, lets not discount that it benefiting all of us to make organic items available to everyone.

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