Monday, June 04, 2007

Fashionista: Nicole Richie

Although she is not being styled by Rachel Zoe anymore, Nicole Richie is staying strong in the fashion world. She is shopping, shopping, shopping as always plus, she is gracing the cover of Bazaar (kind of odd, but I give her her fashion props), she is the Guest Editor for Who What Wear Daily ( and Shop Intuition (, sign up for their emails so that you can get their great celeb collages) is following her jewelry trends to sell online...check out all of these fashion trends today...they change every day:)

P.S. My girlfriends and I were emailing about "rompers" today...I think that vintage rompers would be cute to wear, my fashionista friend from NW Savvy ( bought a James Perse version...this is an easy/fun option for the summer.

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dianabobar said...

i love how she glams the rompers up here. also, love your blog! keep it up!