Sunday, May 20, 2007

'Poetic Necessity'

My Favorite look, I love the blouse and the sweater!

SJP is going beyond being a "look." She is taking fashion to a deeper level...I love her approach to the new clothing line, "Bitten" that will be showcasing at Steve & Barry stores. Every item is below $19.98!!!!!!!! And SJP says everything is quality...even though I have to say Poly is not the best fabrication...but, it works:) SJP emphasized that the Bitten line is all about classics...which, I noticed with the consistency of black and grey as the feature colors for each item....she also ensured that everyone woman will be able to enjoy this line by sizing everything from 2-22! The line launches on June 7th at all Steve & Barry shops!
In the July issue of O Magazine, SJP will be the guest fashion editor, so check it out, I think it will be soo good!

BTW, on a side note, I think that SJP's vocabulary is my new trend...I love the way she expresses herself it enhances her look beyond her clothes...

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