Sunday, May 20, 2007

Beauty Scoop

Everyone knows that all of the professional make up artists, from movies to the runway use the pink and green wand from Maybelline...the new magic wand for your eyes is the Neon Green wand, Define-a-Lash Mascara. Why pay $20 or more for something you are only supposed to keep for 3 months? If the professionals are using must be good:) Tip from a M.A.C. makeup artist...are you scared of using eyelash curlers? If so, just use you pointer finger...the natural warmth will help pull the eyelashes up and out like you want them to be...just apply the mascara and then use the tip of your pointing finger to and press the eyelash hairs up...not too much pressure and only use the one finger...and it is is perfect.

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