Thursday, January 18, 2007

To take on Another Cultures traditional dress for Men

When I got my turban in Harlem 2 years ago was I ahead of the game? When I used to get my hair washed and set by Dominican's in Harlem I used to have them wrap my hair and walk the streets for that day in my turban to avoid ruining my new do. All of a sudden the traditional wear of a Sikh's as my husband says is all over the catwalk and on celebs heads...Although this trend is being written about and talked about everywhere...I think it will be another trend, like the high waisted pants that only so many can do...I personally think that it is a very elegant way to avoid having to do your hair...just add some hoops and you are good to go.

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nickelsalsa said...

I have always loved the turban n' hoops look, but can never work it. I think my head is too round, because instead of looking cute, I look like my old grannie!:(