Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Spring Dreams

The Spring collection for H&M is continuing to bring nothing but the best...I can't wait to fly to LA to purchase some of these pieces as well as the other surprises that H&M changes once a week...H&M is the best store for that...there is always new items and the great pieces sell out so quickly you better get there quick! Always a classic, the trench is back in a more basic style than the Viktor and Rolf trench we saw in the Fall...great high waisted jeans...I am glad that H&M is still trying to go with the high waisted pant one really bought these pieces last year, besides me:) We shall see how this trend goes this year...I am glad there is still a presence with long dresses this year...I love them for everything...relaxing, partying, travel...well, enjoy if you are near the store...I will be there soon enough.

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