Monday, November 27, 2006

Warmer Days to Come

I know that it is cold outside right now...but, for some reason I am still in the summer mode...I found a site last summer for a trendy boutique in either LA or Miami that was selling Moo Moo dresses...I couldn't believe it when I saw it...but, paired with a great belt it was AMAZING! But, for the cost of $100 or up I just couldn't see myself buying it...So, I went on the search to find a smiliar dress and found one at a vintage website for like $15...But, recently I have found almost the same exact dress for $27.99 (which beats anything near $100 any day:) on I know when you first look at the site you are thinking yeah right! But, if I had the image from the trendy boutique you would think otherwise...I say try it out...for $27.99 you could just wear it around the house if you don't like it:)
*Oh and add a belt and a funky necklace or earrings and you are good to go:)

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