Monday, November 27, 2006

Something to Look Forward to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just read in WWD that my favorite stylist is going to have a new book next year called "Style from A to Zoe: The Guide to All Things Glamour." She might even have a TV show!!!!!!!! This will be a book to add to the fashion library I have started:) I will give updates on what I find on this book as soon as I can!!!!!!!!!!

Other books to add to your fashion library:

Learn more about how to be as fabulous as French women: French Women for All Seasons
Make Your Own Gems and who knows, maybe sell them: Get Your Sparkle On
Find all things Fashionista: Intermix Black Book 2007
Feel all things Fashion: Chic in Paris
Fashion History: Gucci by Gucci
Every lady should wear them, so be inspired: Tiffany Pearls

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