Saturday, July 19, 2014

I have finally watched the fashion documentary about Bill Cunningham on Netflix ...

...and now I'm even more intrigued by this fashion icon/artist that I've been following since I moved to/interned in New York City years ago.  He has such an interesting story.  I would really love to read a biography on him and dig deeper into his life.  It's interesting how Bill Cunningham has captured so many peoples lives and yet has really never shared his...until now.

A few quotes that really struck me during the film:

"Fashion is the armor to survive the realty of everyday life."
-Bill Cunningham

"He who seeks beauty will find it."
-Bill Cunningham

"The best fashion show is on the street…”
-Bill Cunningham

"We are all blank canvases when we wake up and we paint ourselves."
-Patrick McDonald

Quoted Joan Crawford, “Whenever she went out she had to be Joan Crawford.” 
-Patrick McDonald

I’m always going to be Natasha Rao…Ever changing…always enjoying the art of fashion.

He's been doing this before it was a trend...and has the eye to find what will become a hot trend.  I recommend this film to everyone...with ****!  Amazing film!  

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