Saturday, October 12, 2013

Learn how to layer necklaces from an expert at Anjolee

I'm all about layering jewelry so I was excited when my friends at Anjolee said they would share some tips for how to layer necklaces this fall.  What jewelry do you layer?  Do you think there are certain occasions when layering shouldn't happen?  Let's see what the experts at Anjolee have to say:)

Layering necklaces is the big Fall 2013 trend. Layering has been an interesting focus of 2013; layering multiple rings on one finger, multiple rings over several fingers, and multiple kinds of bracelets on one or both wrists. Now layering necklaces is no different. It’s a unique way of coordinating pieces that don’t seem to go together –and yet they do. If you want to learn how to layer necklaces, take a look at the tips below.

1. Pick the Right Number
How many is too many? It’s safe to stick somewhere between 2-4 necklaces, and it’s best to stay tasteful. Layering more than 4 necklaces tends to have a juvenile or “bag lady” look to it. Stray from unwanted faux-pas by keeping the necklaces thin and limited.

2. Pick the Right Size
Your necklaces may tangle if they’re all at the same length. Additionally, one pendant may cover up another one. To avoid chunkiness, tangling, or a lack of visibility, pick the right size. If you’re layering, say, a diamond tennis necklace, it will probably be at collar-bone length, so select a few chains that drop an inch or two below the collar bone. It’s best to evaluate how long your shortest necklace is and then layer it with necklaces that are no more than 3 inches longer.

3. Choose Interesting Pendants
If you’re layering chains with pendants, choose interesting pendants. Make combinations that are unexpected, such as an apple pendant with a diamond cloud pendant, or a vintage-looking brooch pendant with a contemporary lightning bolt pendant. These combinations are what make layering interesting.

4. Vary in Density and Texture
When layering necklaces, don’t be too matchy-matchy. That is to say, if you’re layering with a pearl necklace, don’t layer with only pearl necklaces. If you’re layering with a diamond necklace, don’t only layer with diamond necklaces. Mix up your tastes so that your pairings are interesting and unexpected.

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