Monday, October 01, 2012

Give back with these funky South American print high tops by INKKAS

INKKAS shoes

I happened to find out about INKKAS on twitter.  After they reached out to me I checked out the selection on their site and LOVED the textiles used for the sneakers and also appreciated the idea that we can give back to people when buying something that we will wear and love.
I ended up getting a vibrant pair of shoes from the company and can't wait to let the shoes do the talking with the ensemble I wear with them...stay tuned for some outfit shots:)  But, I fell in love with the grey and brown INKKAS when writing about the shoes I received today and had to share a look with these cute shoes:)  I'm addicted to Ace & Jig right now if you can't tell:)
How to rock the INKKAS

*All of the sneakers come in Men/Women sizes.

Here is some more information about the company: is a socially conscious shoe company founded in 2012 by Dan Ben-Nun. The brand seeks to promote beautiful handmade shoes using traditional South American textiles. From the beginning, Inkkas set out to be a company that would have a beneficial impact on the world, not an exploitative one. The company was founded on the principles of fair trade, philanthropy and authenticity.

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