Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Are braids making a comeback?

Solange Knowles thinks they are and I'm going to try them again soon.
After Brandy and Alicia Keys put a pause to their signature braids it seemed like no one was rocking them.
Recently, (since going au natural) Solange has been rocking long box braids that look so effortless and go with her boho/ethnic vibe. Plus, I love how she styles her braids...she doesn't just wear them down. She always changes it up. An up style or using a fab turban she creates herself! (DIY directions below) Solange's braids remind me of Janet Jackson in Poetic's funny how things always seem to come back around. Well, I will be trying this style soon...anyone else?

How to make a turban like Solange:
"I just buy fabric from the fabric store, cut it into a rectangle, twist it really tight around my head and tuck it either in the back or the front so it stays. The key is that the fabric has to be really stiff," she says.
From Solange Knowles in LA Times article

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