Saturday, August 06, 2011

DiY inspiration from Project Runway, season 9

I love that season is a little different using pj's and items from a pet store. It looks like I might have to make a trip to the pet store for me and not Paisley:)
I loved Olivier Green (the winner for episode 2) piece...but, what really got me inspired was Monica Rose's (the Kardashian girls stylist) closet shots. She had a top that reminded me of the dog bed...not in a bad way. I know she must have spent a ton...I just might have to try a DiY of the jacket:). Thoughts?

The winning look from Olivier. Chic, eh:)

Monica Rose's's similar, right?:)


Anonymous said...

chic indeed! love it!
so sad i currently don't have cable so i haven't been able to watch this season!!

xo jeanette

TigerTem said...

Super-dooper cute outfit!