Thursday, December 21, 2006

Try and Try again

I am proud of Jessica matter what...she just keeps on trying...she tried shoes, I mistaken, or did she try clothes too...regardless...she keeps on trying to sell her name...and I think this time she may have nailed it on the head...she is using her signature hair "pieces" and helping others have the variety that she has everyday...though some might say she is corny or dumb...I think she is a great business woman who is trying to find her niche...I have always loved her hair styles and I am excited to see how these hair pieces work...I have used clip in bangs that I found in New York and loved that I didn't need to cut my hair to get a new look...I hope the quality of these hair pieces are just as good so I don't have to worry about hair glue or sewing in weave that I will be over in a week.

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