Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Store Front

Juicy comes to NYC
I read in WWD that Juicy Couture was opening a free standing store in Manhattan and decided that I had to check it out...with the craziness of the Gay Pride Parade on June 26th I didn't know where to cross to get to 5th avenue and ran into the just opened Juicy store...it was soo cute...and very L.A. The girls that worked there are really helpful and excited about the new store. There is a rack in the store with exclusive pieces that have the signature velour/trainer look...but, my favorite part was the accessories-there was a variety of necklaces and bracelets that you usually only see in editorials and can never find in stores...the prices were amazing as well, ranging from $75 to about $175. There are also purses, i pod cases and more for you to check out.

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